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Why choose AS Expobank
Up to 90 %
Up to
90 %
Receive funding of up to 90% of the amount of invoices issued
Up to 120 days
Up to
120 days
Take advantage of offering customers longer invoice payment terms of up to 120 days
Starting from 100,000 €
Starting from
The factoring service is available for the total amount of invoices starting from EUR 100,000

Benefits of using factoring

Expobank offers domestic and export factoring, which means that we can provide financing for invoices issued to both - domestic and foreign customers

  • Offer customers more convenient invoices payment terms
  • Administer and control the trade and settlement
  • Use current assets for other important purposes
  • Improve and forecast cash flow
  • Take the opportunity to increase the liquidity of your company
  • Get discounts from suppliers by speeding up billing with them
  • Spend more time with your core business, entrusting invoice payment control and money collection to the bank
  • Use customer postpaid invoices as collateral
  • Get better rates for other Expobank services


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Necessary documents for receiving factoring

  • Application for factoring and a copy of the identity document of the signatory
  • A copy of the current version of the Client's Articles of Association
  • Printouts of customer account statements in other banks for at least the last six months
  • Financial information:
    • Audited annual report for the last full financial year
    • Operational financial report for the last 3, 6 or 9 months
    • Transcripts of major financial statement items
  • Debtors and creditors turnover report for the last full year and for the last quarter, sales report with the age structure of debtors
  • Buyer information:
    • A copy of the transaction agreement
    • Copies of invoices for the sale of goods for the last 2-3 transactions and copies of payment documents
    • Buyer's financial statements