Only customers with prior booking are served in person
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AS Expobank services will be provided to customers with prior booking. This applies both to persons with a valid Covid-19 certificate and to persons without the valid certificate, if the service cannot be provided remotely or the provision of the service is urgent
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We support local business
Business financing
Financing for the development or restructuring of your business liabilities
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Attractive % rates. State guarantee
Term deposit
Keep your savings in a safe bank account and earn up to 1.65% a year
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100% remote and secure process
SmartDeposit - earn in a smart way
Term deposit service goes to a new level: use the online platform SmartDeposit, place your savings and receive your profit at the end of the term. The service is available to the bank's new customers only
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Services for professional customers
Brokerage services
High-yield bonds, shares of technology companies, balanced exchange-traded funds (ETFs), opportunity to invest in precious metals, hedge price swings with futures contracts
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Easy, fast, advantageous
Get your money for services right away
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Business customers
Private customers

In the beginning of year 2021, Expobank launched a unique online platform for deposit placement SmartDeposit. Thus the bank aims to simplify the deposit placement process for Latvian customers – individual persons.

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An experience worth its weight in gold

Expobank is one of the first commercial banks in independent Latvia, it was founded in 1991 and this year celebrates its 30th anniversary

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30 years international experience

Over 30 years of operation, Expobank has accumulated valuable and diverse international experience, which the bank uses when providing financial services to Latvian legal entities and individuals

Entrepreneurs who have chosen Expobank as their financial partner work in the areas of construction, real estate management, export, manufacturing and services, but we are open to much broader cooperation

The bonus offered by the bank to individuals is attractive interest rates on term deposits, but our Clients have also appreciated the bank's basic services: deposit, current accounts, card products and remote account management

Expobank builds long-term relationships with its Clients and partners, always tries to find a mutually attractive solution and is open to dialogue

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